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Corporate Headquarters

10 East 40th St, Floor 11
New York, NY 10016
+1 646 861 5100 tel
+1 646 861 5200 fax

United Kingdom

Wellington House, East Road
Cambridge, CB1 1BH
+44 (0)845 862 1923 tel
+44 (0)845 280 1474 fax

Solutions for Higher and Further Education

The profile of today’s college student increasingly falls outside the bounds of the “traditional” student.

21st century learners are “digital natives”—more comfortable with texting messages and Facebook profiles—than they are with textbooks and face-to-face communication.  Many attend part-time or distance learning programs.  They start school later in life, stay longer, hold part or full-time jobs, balance family life and parenting, and increasingly speak English as a second language.  Universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, technical colleges and vocational universities must be more nimble and creative than ever before in order to engage, equip, and retain their diverse students populations. 

Enter Wimba.

Wimba’s collaboration solutions augment leading course management and virtual learning systems to foster and encourage dynamic interaction between students and instructors as well as peer-to-peer communication between students and instructors.  When passion is conveyed, when curiosity is piqued, when tough questions are probed, when brainstorming is encouraged, in short, when collaboration happens—this is when learning really takes place. 

Our collaboration technologies empower universities and colleges to:

• Build community and engage 21st century learners

• Increase student-teacher & student-student engagement

• Bring services & office hours on-line

• Quickly and easily deploy new, collaborative technology

• Remove physical & geographical constraints to learning

• Enrich language-learning programs