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Corporate Headquarters

10 East 40th St, Floor 11
New York, NY 10016
+1 646 861 5100 tel
+1 646 861 5200 fax

United Kingdom

Wellington House, East Road
Cambridge, CB1 1BH
+44 (0)845 862 1923 tel
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Wimba Pronto 3.1

Instant Collaboration for Education

The only instant communication platform designed for educators to advance and promote collaborative learning, Wimba Pronto includes unique features that specifically benefit students, teachers, and educational institutions including:

• Blended Audio and Video Conferencing

• Instant Messaging

• Application Sharing

• State-of-the-art Whiteboard

• Queued Chat for Tutoring and Office Hours

• Automatic Population of Classmates and Courses

• Instant Access to Campus Services

• Instant School-Wide Notifications

• Universal Accessibility

• Spanish Language Preference

• Support of any video device -NEW in 3.1

• Advanced privacy features -NEW in 3.1

• Invitations to build community -NEW in 3.1

Wimba Pronto also holds the unique distinction of being the only instant collaboration platform powered by wind.

To dig deeper consider the features, benefits, requirements, and Licensing Information of Wimba Pronto.


The Wimba Pronto interface is easy-to-use, acts as a “virtual hallway” for unscheduled learning scenarios, and facilitates community building among 21st century learners.  


Benefits for Higher and Further Education

Benefits for K-12


Application Sharing for real-time display of any document or application on your computer

Blended Audio and Video replicating face-to-face communication

State-of-the-art Whiteboard to harness the power of visual instruction anytime, anywhere.

Office Hours for holding online office hours and managing individual attention with a large number of users

Help Desks for making all of your institution’s IT, Library, or Registrars services available online.

Broadcast Notifications for sending institution-wide broadcast messages to every Wimba Pronto user on campus

Invitation feature which enables administrators, instructors and students to easily invite others into the Pronto network for efficient and customized community building -NEW in 3.1

Advanced privacy features to “wall in” community members and remove inappropriate users -NEW in 3.1

Support of any video device to leverage your existing media infrastructure and expand learning opportunities -NEW in 3.1


The minimum system requirements to use Wimba Pronto are as follows:

• Windows 7, Vista or XP; Mac OS 10.4+

• 256 MB RAM

• An Internet connection at 56k or higher

• Sound Card (for Audio Calling)

• Speakers and Microphone for Audio Calling (USB headset with integrated microphone recommended).

• USB or Integrated Webcam (for Video Calling)


Wimba Pronto is licensed on an annual basis based on your institution’s Full-time Enrollment (FTE).

Wimba’s ASP Services takes care of server hosting, monitoring, and maintenance so that customers can focus on teaching and learning.

Contact a Regional Sales Manager to discuss the specific needs of your institution, system, or campus.


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Going Green: Wimba Pronto is Wind-Powered. Read the press release or this FAQ.

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