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New York, NY 10016
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Wimba Create

Create Course Content

Quickly and easily convert your Microsoft Word documents into content for your online courses.

From one Word document you can generate a set of webpages that includes navigation and interactive features that are easily uploaded in to your course.

To dig deeper consider the features, benefits, requirements, and Licensing Information of Wimba Create.


Benefits for Higher and Further Education

Benefits for K-12


Using a combination of special styles and dialog boxes, you can add interactive features such as:

• Flashcards

• Insert HTML, Java, and other code

• Navigation

• Table of contents

• Formatting

• Hyperlinks

• Popups

• Includes

• Definitions

• Self-test questions

• Windows Media, flash, and QuickTime movies

• Streaming audio and video

• IMS metadata

You don’t need any special knowledge to add these features, as you build them into your course using simple styles and dialog boxes that Wimba Create has added to the Word environment.

XML is a universal information exchange format, which means that your course material can easily be re-purposed in a variety of ways in the future.

When you export from Word using Wimba Create, the Wimba Create engine first changes the Word document into clean, simple XML, and then uses an XSL stylesheet to transform the XML into one of a variety of different elearning content formats.


Minimum Technical Requirements 

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Word 2003 or 2007.  Otherwise, there are no special technical requirements for Wimba Create, as you only need to meet the requirements of the version of Word you are using.


Wimba Create is licensed on an annual basis based on your institution’s Full-time Enrollment (FTE). Only campus-wide licenses are available as we no longer sell Single-user or 5-pack Edition licenses.

As of April 30, 2009 the following support changes were made for Wimba Create Single-user or 5-pack Edition customers:
•    Downloads of Wimba Create Single-user or 5-pack Edition are no longer available
•    Support for Wimba Create versions earlier than 2.2 has been discontinued
•    Registration information for unregistered licenses is no longer available

Contact a Regional Sales Manager to discuss the specific needs of your institution, system, or campus.