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Wimba Classroom 6.1

Bring Class to Life

Wimba Classroom 6.1, cornerstone of the Wimba Collaboration Suite, is a live, virtual classroom environment with robust features that include audio, video, application sharing and content display, and MP4 capabilities.

Its pedagogical design and ease-of-use ensures that educators and students engage as if they were meeting face-to-face.

Advanced features such as polling, whiteboarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and MP3 or MP4 downloads enable further dynamic interaction between students and educators.

Recent enhancements leverage existing video infrastructure, eliminate unsupervised or unmonitored communications, and expand access for learning opportunities.

To dig deeper consider the features, benefits, requirements, and Licensing Information of Wimba Classroom.


Benefits for Higher and Further Education

Benefits for K-12


Discussion & Interaction

• Break-Out Rooms

• Emoticons

• Public and Private Chat

• Follow-The-Speaker Video

• Enhanced One-to-One Video - NEW in 6.1

• Multi-way Video - Improved in 6.1

• Audio (Voice over IP)

• Presenter On-The-Fly

• Polls, Quizzes & Surveys


Instruction & Reinforcement

• Robust Electronic Whiteboard

• Application Sharing

• Flexible Content Area


Classroom Management

• Content Upload and Storage

• Auto-populated Participant List

• Usage Insight

• Hand Raised Chime - NEW in 6.1

• Full-Featured Classroom Archiving

• Archive Reminder - NEW in 6.1


Convenient & Easy-to-Use

• Telephone Access

• MP3 and MP4 Downloads

• Technology Appropriate for Online Education

• Accessible to the Impaired

• Seamless CMS Integration

• Robust, 24 x 7 Technical Support from Wimba


Functionality Expanded Whiteboard Options

Highlighter and rectangle tools provide visual indicators with which teachers can reiterate and enforce learning concepts.

Presenter On-The-Fly

Students engage peers through leading discussions and giving presentations while teachers customize their instruction to the particular needs of students.

Resizable Chat Area and Participant List

Chat area and participant window can be resized to accommodate course content. Students who use closed captioning can expand the chat interface to support accessibility. 

Usage Insight

With our analytics API tool, districts and schools quickly gain insight into student attendance, duration, and participation.

MP3 & MP4 Downloads

Without the need for third-party tools, download the audio of an archived lesson or activity in a standard MP3 or MP4 format. Distribute MP4 files of lectures or discussions to course management systems (CMS), YouTube, iTunes University, Facebook, or other content management systems.

Multi-way Audio (Voice over IP) & Video

Replicate the dynamic dialogue of a face-to-face class with real-time, multi-way voice and video. A speaker’s video is triggered by voice-detected switching, making technology invisible while allowing a discussion to flow naturally.  Enhanced One-to-One Video constantly displays a conversation partner’s video when only two people are in a room.  A telephone dial-in feature allows users to participate when traveling or acts as a back up if network problems occur.

Use Any Camera

Any camera your computer supports - so does Wimba.  Take advantage of doubled video processing speed and increased window size, to improve the quality and realism of your live instruction, archived presentations, and MP4’s.  This more accurate display of video for specialized cameras solves the advanced requirements of physical and health sciences and mathematics courses, expanding access for learning opportunities.

Public & Private Text Chat

Some students are more comfortable writing than speaking, and our chat messaging allows the shy student to communicate textually so they can participate with their more talkative classmates. 

Flexible Content Area

The wide-variety of content shared within one class differs greatly from another, which is why our content area allows offers instructors the freedom to share files such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, webpages, images, movie clips, PDF, Flash, or CMS pages. 

Polls, Quizzes, Surveys & Electronic Whiteboard

Offering frequent classroom interaction is an instructional best practice realized through polls, quizzes, surveys and whiteboard exercises, which keeps students highly engaged.

Application Sharing

Application sharing facilitates collaborative that replicates side-by-side instruction or “over the shoulder” review as cursor movement is tracked—and even shared—from instructor to student.

Classroom Archiving

Classroom archiving, now with a built-in Archive Reminder, preserves everything that takes place in during a class – capturing voice, chat, and content—for access and review anytime, anywhere.

Improved Security for Peace of Mind

Wimba now offers advanced security capabilities to meet the increasingly robust security standards of learning institutions with SSL encryption for all Classroom http traffic, administration area content and Wimba-CMS communications.  The ability to disable the Wimba Classroom Lobby eliminates the possibility of unsupervised and unmonitored communications.

Technology Appropriate for Online Education

Student hardware, software, networks, and IT skills vary enormously which is why Wimba Classroom was designed to operate effectively in the most challenging user environments. Our thin-client, low-bandwidth features allow for dial-up access, and our cross-platform support and intuitive user interface allow for virtually any user, on a PC or Mac machine, to fully participate with minimal instruction and setup.


Live and archived classes can be closed-captioned for the hearing impaired while keyboard shortcut keys, hot keys, and screen reader compatibility offers access of content and instruction to the visually impaired.  These accessibility features help institutions meet many state and federal accessibility guidelines. 

Integrated “Help”

Display contextual help information or contact Wimba technical support.


• Windows 7, Vista, or XP; Mac OSX 10.4+

• 256 MB RAM

• IE 7.0+, Safari 3.0+, Firefox 3.0+  (Browser must be Java and JavaScript enabled)

• Internet access at 56k or above


Wimba Classroom is licensed on an annual basis based on your institution’s Full-time Enrollment (FTE).

Wimba’s ASP Services takes care of server hosting, monitoring, and maintenance so that customers can focus on teaching and learning.

Contact a Regional Sales Manager to discuss the specific needs of your institution, system, or campus.