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I Love (Wimba) CATs: Using Wimba Classroom to Bridge Online and Face-to-Face Learning and Assessment

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2009-12-03 03:00 pm EST

Presenter: Mark Burris, Director of Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR), University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Thomas Angelo's classroom assessment techniques (CATs) have long been recognized as the best approach to evaluate learning. But, these techniques were very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in the online learning environment - until now! Wimba Classroom gives faculty several tools to engage online learners synchronously and to evaluate learning in real-time. This is a tremendous advancement to the online learning environment because faculty and students can engage one another in a give-and-take manner that replicates the spontaneity and familiarity of the face-to-face classroom. Experienced online faculty and students enjoy the enhanced learning environment, while novice faculty and students are relieved to have immediate interaction with one another. During this presentation, participants will be introduced to specific examples of Angelo's classroom assessment techniques (CATs) that can be replicated in Wimba Classroom and will receive a brief review of the pedagogical function of these CATs. Then, participants will learn how to integrate Angelo's CATs into their PowerPoint presentations using the eBoard, Survey tool, and Breakout Rooms in Wimba Classroom. With these tools, faculty can assess student perspectives and address their misconceptions in a way that fosters higher-learning outcomes. This approach to learning becomes even more powerful when coupled with Wimba Classroom's Archive feature, which allows students to review the session as often as they want, gaining insight into academic topics and reflecting on their learning process.