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Supporting School's Success with Virtual Learning Environments

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2009-10-27 11:00 am EDT

Presenter: Robert L. Blomeyer, Ph.D., Business Manager and Chief Technology Officer at Online Teaching Associates, Ltd. with Cathy Cavanaugh, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Educational Technology at the University of Florida

With unprecedented new Federal support for virtual learning, it's a new day for online and "blended" learning environments in the US.

Drs. Blomeyer and Cavanaugh will summarize new research and policy analysis explaining how virtual learning can support instructional improvement and improved academic performance in America's public and charter schools. Drawing on their co-edited book entitled What Works In K-12 Online Learning (ISTE, 2007), Drs. Blomeyer and Cavanaugh will emphasize the crucial role of professional development for supporting effective uses of virtual learning environments to increase meaningful, discipline-based learning and improve students' academic performance.

Robert L. Blomeyer, Ph.D. is Business Manager and Chief Technology Officer; Online Teaching Associates, Ltd., and is an educational technology researcher, teacher educator and nationally recognized expert on K-20 online teaching and learning policy and practice. He is a co-author and contributor to many meta-analysis projects that examine the effects of K-12 online learning on student academic performance.

Cathy Cavanaugh, Ph.D. is associate professor in educational technology at the University of Florida. Her areas of expertise include design of online learning environments and virtual schools research. She has authored numerous papers, articles and chapters, and has edited books about K-12 online learning.