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Success with Wimba Classroom

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2009-01-06 01:00 pm EST

Presenter: Wimba Professional Service

Success with Wimba Classroom

Do you want to know the secret to designing effective Wimba Classroom sessions? This one hour introductory session is designed to equip you with the five teaching tips for engaging, interactive sessions. You will learn the recommended techniques to prepare your participants before attending your live session. You will also learn how to communicate with and manage the interactions of your participants. We will cover our best practices tips regarding your content and finish the session with an overview of the importance of archives.

Audience: This session is designed for faculty, technology consultants, and administrators.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the steps for preparing participants before they attend a live session.
  2. Demonstrate how the three audio functions work.
  3. Describe best practices for displaying PowerPoint, web, and sharing.
  4. Define the benefits of archiving.
  5. Navigate to Wimba instructional resources.
  6. Describe best practices for managing participants during a live session.