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Brit Lit 2322 Beowulf Help !!! PLEASE!!!! 
Posted: 05 September 2010 05:14 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Will someone please help me out. I have a test over Beowulf and need some assistance.

1.) Which of Beowulfs warriors remains loyal to the warrior code when the old king battles the dragon.

c) Scyld

2.) Which Saxon king was reknowed for halting the Danish invasion at the battle of Edington and commissioning the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles?

a) Arthur
b) William
c) Alfred

3) In the last lines of the poem, the poet tells us that no man was more dedicated to the persuit of which of these warrior valvues?

a) fame
b) treasure
c) generosity

4) “Word hoard” and “Whale road” are examples of the Old English poetic device known as

a) Caesura
b) kenning
c) alliteration

5) Which is not a characteristic of epic poetry?

a) a hero with supernatural powers
b) events on a grand scale
c) realism

6) When Grendel realizes beowulf’s strength, he attempts to

a) fight back
b) flee
c) plead for his life

7) The pause in the middle of a line of Old English poetry is known as

a) Caesura
b) alliteration
c) kenning

8) The Norman Conquest led to an infusion of words from which language?

a) Dansih
b) French
c) Latin

9) Grendels motive for attacking Heorot might be summen by which word?

a) anger
b) glory
c) envy

10) Which groups successfully invaded the British Isles between the 1st and 11th centuries A.D.?

a) Celts, Romans, Normans
b) Romans, Danes, Normans
c) Celts, Romans, Danes

please help me!
Thanks !

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Go to the website and go under sparknotes. You can find the answers there fast~!

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