Wednesday, May 06, 2009
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I was pleasantly awoken last night at 1:16am by Kathleen Matthews, our Director of Marketing Communications, who texted me the following message from the black-tie SIIA CODiE awards ceremony in San Francisco:

We won! Best Education Solution! (& last category of the entire awards ceremony).

Woohooo!  In the software industry, the CODiEs are the equivalent to the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, or the Super Bowl, so we couldn’t be more ecstatic.  As a company that constantly prides itself on being 100% laser-focused on education, we’re certainly happy to have some affirmation.  So…

I’d first like to thank the eight CODiE judges who patiently sat through numerous demos of the entire Wimba Collaboration Suite.  They had to learn about Wimba Classroom, Wimba Create, Wimba Pronto, and Wimba Voice in a relatively short amount of time...but apparently they were blown away! 

Second, since I work with our customers every day, I’d like to thank all of our loyal and supportive users who have worked so closely with us for nearly a decade.  They’ve watched us grow and mature and have collectively become the most innovative institutions in the world when it comes to cutting-edge distance education.  Without our customers, we’d be nothing.   You’re the ones who find new and exciting ways every day to use the Wimba Collaboration Suite to increase engagement, improve outcomes, decrease costs, and increase revenue and retention rates. 

And finally, I want to thank our Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Product Development teams who actually make the countless components of the Wimba Collaboration Suite.  While our Marketing, Sales, Services/Support, and even Finance departments are the more visible departments of our company, our developers, testers, and product designers comprise the oft faceless engine of the company that keep things churning.  Without their unrivaled knowledge and dogged determination I wouldn’t be blogging about our CODiE victory today.  These guys don’t get enough recognition and their heads are usually too buried in millions of lines of code to look up.  So congrats, all...savor this doesn’t get any better than this!

And to Carol Vallone and Barb Ross, our new acting CEO and COO, respectively,...looks like you’ve stepped into a great place! 

Now we patiently await for Kathleen to send us pictures from the ceremony (I promise I’ll post them soon...)