Wednesday, March 04, 2009
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For the many of us who live up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States, we’re still busy shoveling out our cars and slogging our way through a foot of snow on the way to work and school while enduirng sub-freezing temperatures.  Yep, it’s been of those weeks ever since we got nailed by a huge snowstorm Sunday and Monday.  So while I sit here in my home office (ok, my living room) waiting for my landlord to come and check my radiators - as I write this I’m literally wearing a hooded jacket and a blanket - I stumbled upon a wonderful blog posting about some folks in South Carolina who used Wimba because they couldn’t make it to a conference due to inclement weather.  Even though so many of us now take web conferencing via Wimba Classroom for granted, we tend to forget its true breadth.  While many predominantly use Wimba Classroom to hold live online classes, office hours, or meetings, a few of the presenters at the  The Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education Conference beamed out their presentation so others not at the actual conference could attend virtually.  Great thinking!

Ok, now where is my landlord?...If only Wimba could also be used to heat a New York apartment!