Friday, July 09, 2010
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Let me begin by catching my breath.  Phew.  What a week!  Definitely one for the record books.

As many of you know, even though I’ve always worked for Wimba here in New York, my heart is still in Cleveland where I was born-and-raised to be a die-hard Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan.  So when this week began, I was already anxious enough as I anticipated ‘The Decision’ by LeBron James.  My friends and coworkers and I exhausted countless hours speculating whether or not my beloved Cavaliers would take the floor this fall with or without its all-time greatest player.  I practically gave myself an ulcer thinking about it.

And then just as my anxiety was nearly at its apex, along came the news on Wednesday that Blackboard was acquiring both Wimba and Elluminate.  A double-whammy! 

I realize that many of you may be having a difficult time understanding how I could possibly compare the stress of being a sports fan to the stress of corporate changes, but I do so under the guise that these are dramatic changes to two of the most deep-seeded loves I possess.  I grew up a die-hard Cleveland fan and will stay with my teams through thick-and-thin, and similarly, I essentially grew up with Wimba and will stick with it through its future as well. 

I believe the basic values of loyalty and hard work are what make Cleveland sports fans so respected (even though we whine a lot, but can you blame us?) and I also believe those same values epitomize the character of Wimba.  Our team is undyingly loyal to our customers and we work our tails off to ensure they’re getting the best experience we can possibly give them.  Even though the name on the front of our Wimba jersey will soon change, the heart inside the jersey will not. 

Go Cavs!  Go Wimba!  Go Blackboard Collaborate!