Thursday, July 30, 2009
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I want to solute Paul Lowe of University of the Arts London.  He has put together open-i, a unique network of photographers and artists across the world.  Paul has been using Wimba Classroom for a couple of years and just held his first online session for open-i which brought 25% of his network together.  In Paul’s words, “Our first webinar for the new photojournalism network, OPEN-i, was a great success, we had over 50 participants from all over the world, with a mix of industry big names, students, alumni and other academics in a 90 min session.  That’s about 25% of the current membership of the network, which i think is a fantastic responses rate everyone was very impressed with Wimba, and there was a fantastic back channel debate going on in the text box, which people picked up immediately.”

Paul’s network is truly worldwide, with members from every continent except Antarctica.  What a great way to bring the global artistic community together!